The Apostle Build

Each year, Midland Habitat asks Members of the faith community to come together to sponsor and build a home for a local family in need of decent housing. Based on the 12 Apostles, Habitat looks for 12 churches to fund 1/12th of the cost of the build. On Saturdays in October and November, those churches' congregations are invited to come and actively build the home.  This home is a symbol of God's love and of Christian love, built through an act of service and a tangible reminder that it is possible to put aside differences to come together for a common goal.

While finding blessings and prayers written on the studs of homes is not an unusual sight, the Apostle Build home is covered with the blessings of people and churches who have given to this project financially and through their gift of labor. 


As churches pledge to be a part of the 2017 Apostle Build, you will find them listed here. If you do not see your church listed, call Habitat and we would be happy to get you the information to take before your church family. You can reach the office at 432-686-8877.


Habitat for Humanity is a Christian organization but our participants are not required to be.  We do not proselytize or affiliate with any one denomination.