Midland Habitat Volunteers

10 Reasons to Volunteer with Habitat

10. Every hour each volunteer puts in is another hour we don't have to pay someone to do the same job keeping our building costs low

9. Even the smallest or seemingly insignificant job is important to building a quality home for our homeowners.

8. When volunteering in a group, a special sense of community is formed as the day goes on

7. There is a tangible result to your efforts

6. Our future homeowners work side by side with volunteers. You might get to know one of these special families that you are helping.

5. When our homeowners see people from the community helping build their houses, it helps motivate them through their 350 sweat equity hours. 

4. Get to use powertools!

3. Tony, Rico and Andy make a day of work a lot of fun

2. You do not need any experience

1. Affordable housing in Midland is an essential need for our families. By providing safe decent housing, you are helping not only provide a home for a family, you are also giving a family hope



You do not have to be part of a group to become a volunteer.  We have other areas where help is needed besides the construction site. Our ReSTORE is always in need of volunteers as well as the office. 

We welcome all who want to help and we will find a place to put your skills to use!


Volunteering as a group is a great way of bonding and building a sense of community with friends, family, co-workers, church, civic groups or others that just want to get together to make a real change in their community.  Midland Habitat can work with groups up to 20 people at one time. If you are interested scheduling a work day, please call Brandi at 432-686-8877.

Volunteer Interest Form

Volunteer Opportunities


Construction- Regardless of knowledge or skill level, everyone can contribute to the process.


Church Relations Committee -  Develops and maintains strong partnership with religious organizations in the form of prayer, organized workdays and monetary contributions.


Family Selection Committee - Establishes policies and guidelines for family selection, screening and interviewing applicants.


Home Sponsorship Committee - Develops relationships within the community to solicit monetary contributions towards the building of new homes.


Fundraising Committee - Plans and coordinates fundraisers and events to benefit Midland Habitat.


ReSTORE Operations Committee - Establishes policy and operating procedures for the ReSTORE, a retail outlet for donated building supplies and household goods.


ReSTORE Workers - Work in the ReSTORE.




Medical information & work releases will need to be completed for each volunteer prior to working. If the volunteer is a minor, the parent or guardian must complete and sign the required forms. Please click on the following links to download the Habitat for Humanity form you need.